The Basis
With a foreword by Catherine Snow

The Basis describes recent insights in young children's development and shows how Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) can stimulate this process effectively. The book was written for preschool and kindergarten teachers who work with young children. Teachers can use The Basis as a source of inspiration that will enable them to support children's development in attractive and effective ways.

High-quality early childhood education and care is particularly important for underprivileged children. While every child can benefit from coordinated efforts to provide the best possible education, children growing up in less favorable envornments deserve special attention.

The Basis starts with an overview of current ideas on child development and describes how ECEC can enrich this developmental process. The criteria for an effective ECEC program based on these recent insights are clearly outlined.

The Basis provides a range of practical examples from successful ECEC programs, with each chapter zooming in on specific developmental domains: language, cognition, social and emotional development, and motor skills. A separate chapter is devoted to parents and how they can complement the approach to developmental enrichmen used in preschool or kindergarten. Another chapter provides suggestions on the effective use of ICT and multimedia to enhance young children's development.

The Basis: Theory and practice of early childhood education
Author: Hans Cohen de Lara
ISBN 978-90-5563-080-6
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